Meet Chelsey

“Through death, I have been brought to an awareness that there is no end, only transformation from one moment into the next. Death has gifted me the deep internal knowing that we are part of what is alive in every moment, that we are forever intertwined in all things that are deathless – That we are infinite. “ 

  Chelsey Mah 


After experiencing the terminal illness and death of both her grandmother and sister in 2015, Chelsey was guided towards the service of becoming a Death Doula. Throughout this profoundly intimate experience, it became apparent to her that there were gaps within a system that is over-stressed, and an absence of all-encompassing care for those who are dying. She recognized that this was not due to a lack of compassion or kindness, but of resources, creativity, and choice for those who are journeying towards death. Through a personal and deep desire in searching for more intentional ways of meeting death, Chelsey discovered Death Doula’s, and it became both her passion and mission to provide end of life care and support for those who are transitioning within this modality, along with their loved ones. Chelsey provides the space to meet death on all levels of the human experience – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Along with being a dedicated and eternal student to yogic living, meditation, and healing, she is passionate about meeting people with an open heart, helping pave a way for every person to authentically live and die in who they truly are. She sees everyone as an individually unique soul, and believes their death deserves to be reflective of their personal journey in this lifetime. She is deeply honoured and humbled to walk alongside those as they transition and complete their life in authenticity, with respect, compassion, and love.

My Continuing Journey