Grief Share

While the traditional role of a death doula is complete at the end of life, grief sharing is something I am deeply passionate about, that I feel is needed so much in our communities. Grief is not a linear process; it can take years to come to terms with the physical loss of a loved one, especially under traumatic circumstances or situations in which we were unprepared, such as sudden death or suicide. It can be extremely confusing, as it involves so many emotions which can be experienced all at once, and yet sometimes also completely numbing. And while those around us have sincere and loving intentions to support us, they are often unsure how to truly meet us in our grief. Counselling and other support systems are of great benefit in working with grief. It is also immensely healing, in my experience, to sit with others who truly understand our pain. Grief is a space I know intimately and continue to work with in myself – I appreciate the vulnerability and also confronting nature of what grief can be, and over time I have come to have a deeply rooted respect and gratitude for the grief I experience. Grief shares provide the space and opportunity for you to feel validated in experiencing your grief, to be fully seen, heard, and met in your present moment reality. Sometimes, this is simply sitting in silence, sometimes it is being angry and confused and devastated, sometimes it is laughing and talking about your loved one. Grief shares are not about fixing you or the situation – They provide the gift of being met fully, and help support you in moving forward with your grief.